Tuesday, 22 September 2015


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He never thought he might actually grow to like her.

She never thought she might actually hate him less.

Rocco De Luca is ready to lick, sip and suck his way into your hearts. Sophie McKenna just might become your next girl crush.

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After a hell of a night shift, I finally get home. I step into the bath, pull the plastic curtain across and indulge in a long shower. I’m grateful that Rocco isn’t home and that I can use every last drop of hot water without him pounding the door down.
I rinse out my delicates and hang them gently on the rail and around the edge of the bath. They should be dry by morning.
When I get out of the shower, I scan the room for a towel. Motherfucker. My shit-for-brains flatmate obviously helped himself to my towel this morning. I creep into the hallway, careful with my wet feet on the slippery floor. The jangle of keys in the front door lock has me bolting towards my room.
Slam! My arse slaps against the hardwood floor, thanks to the rogue drops of water that have brought me unstuck.
Cursing myself, and in serious pain, I flounder around. I manage to get halfway into my room before the door swings wide open, biting into the gyprock wall. Thank fuck my bare arse is out of sight.
“Who’s that?” a squeaky female voice enquires, her words accompanied by the clicking of her heels.
“Who?” Rocco slurs.
“The legs,” the girl says, as I drag my shins free of the doorway.
“None of your business,” he growls.
There’s no time to chuck on a bra, so I simply throw on a white single top and the cheeky pink Victoria’s Secret boxers I got for my last birthday. I walk out to the kitchen, head held high, in some kind of attempt to fool Rocco and his friend into thinking it’s impossible I was naked just a moment before. I fill a glass with cold water from the fridge.
The tall, dark-haired girl narrows her eyes at me as she steps farther into the apartment. She’s wearing a tank top, which is more like a second skin. Is she having trouble breathing? Her boobs are pushed up to her neck. She looks uncomfortable.
She smooths her hands down her sides, drawing my eyes to her black and white checked long nails.
Looks like Rocco dragged home a MX groupie.
Rocco pulls out a chair and literally falls into it.
“Another big night, huh?” I direct at him. He runs his hand back through his hair. It takes a good few seconds before his eyes focus on my face.
“Why the fuck not?” he says and throws his arms up, before they flop back down on the dining table.
I pick up my glass of water and take a step closer, wary that the groupie is watching me ever so closely, arms folded across her chest.
Rocco focuses on the glass and begins to chuckle. “I’m still fuckin’ pissed about your form this morning,” he mutters.
“Well you should answer your bloody phone.”
“If you’re not careful, I’m gonna sneak into your room one morning and make you wet.” Playfulness flitters in his eyes, and he reaches between his legs and palms his crutch.
Does he even remember that he brought someone home to fuck? “I highly doubt that.”
Let’s see if I can have a little fun here. I lean in close. “Because dick doesn’t get me wet.”
He stands and chuckles low in his throat. He opens his mouth as if he’s about to say something, but ends up staring at my tits. For longer than he should.
“No bra?” He gasps.
“What’s going on here?” the groupie whines.
I clear my throat and take a step back. “I’m off to bed to spend time with my vibrator.”
Both of their mouths drop open.
“Yeah, well good luck with that,” Rocco says and sways as he steps towards his room, palming his way along the wall. He’s blind as a bat. Groupie glares at me and then struts after Rocco, her stripper heels echoing in the hallway.
“I hope he can keep it up for you, love,” I call out. His bedroom door slams shut. I hear a squeal a second later, followed by a series of high-pitched dumb-arse giggles.
I wasn’t lying about the vibrator.
I have a date with BOB. After the day I’ve had, he’d better perform, too.


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